A Day in the Life of a Fellow Nomad… Here We Go!

Nearly one thousand five hundred days ago I jumped on a plane to fly from San Francisco, California, USA to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was setting off to enjoy a three-week vacation from work with one of my best friends. After our travel, I had planned to make my temporary home base and work from Punta Arenas, Chile for the Patagonian “summer” because it was a place that had stolen my heart with it’s mountain peaks and glaciers just a few months before. Now, the act of jumping on a plane and setting off to a far away land was not new for me. Nor was living abroad for months or years at a time. In fact, I had traveled to approximately 30 countries before this new journey started, and I returned to my favorite places multiple times. I lived and breathed travel, using my work vacation time to go to places most people only read about, and many times I returned to these places to dig deeper in to the culture, enjoy adventures with local friends, and explore the natural beauty of our planet. I had changed my career path years before by leaving High Tech and Silicon Valley to travel and live abroad for 6 months. I enjoyed traveling so much that I even built it into my post MBA career when I was the General Manager for a travel company in South America. I knew exploring the planet, photographing day-to-day life, negotiating  logistics and planning, and spending time around people was something that filled me with happiness. My genuine curiosity for unanswered questions and the human condition brought me down many unexpected paths. The most surprising part of the this vacation I discovered, was that I kept going long after I had planned to. I realized that I am, and always will be, a traveler, an explorer, a fellow nomad, and a location does not define me or where I am at home. My current journey has transpired from 3 weeks in 3 countries and working full-time, to leaving work and visiting around 90 countries in the past 1,500 days of travel, some locations multiple times. Starting today, I will be publishing posts and reflecting on the past 4 years of travel, and offer you a closer look into the world as a fellow nomad, to be my virtual co-pilot to join me sharing my day-to-day thoughts and experiences. Who’s ready for an adventure?! Here we go! Join me and be a Fellow Nomad. -Elizabeth #fellownomad #worldtraveler

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