Budget flying: Iceland

This #fellownomad loves Iceland. Volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, stunning landscapes, remote, off the grid locations… this is my paradise. From my first glimpse of the volcanic fire and ice island in July 2013, I knew it was someplace special. The good news is that the tourism industry agrees, and has been improving the options available to get to Iceland, and experience its natural beauty.

Do you want to visit Iceland? Here are a few transportation tips to make that trip a reality today.

  1. Look for low-cost flights to Iceland. Did you know you can fly to Iceland for $99 one way? Budget carrier Wow Airlines has amazing deals from the US to Iceland and major cities in Europe (and vice versa). They also have a free stopover program, so you can enjoy Iceland and have two vacations in one. Go to Wow’s website and search using flexible dates to find the best deal, or check out one of my favorite flight search sites, Google Flights, for more search options. Special note: If you haven’t flown on international low-cost airlines before, be sure to read ALL the fine print, including all fees, baggage restrictions, seat reservations, and more. I’ll share my personal insights on this in an upcoming post for any travel newbies.
  2. Go on an expedition ship and experience the seas around Iceland. Check out companies like Quark Expeditions who specialize in high quality arctic exploration with small ships. I went on an expedition from Svalbard to Greenland to Iceland and it allowed me to see these places from a unique perspective. If you’d prefer a more standard cruising experience, most large US cruise companies also offer cruises to Reykjavik.
  3. Just don’t forget to check the weather and sunlight (or lack thereof) when planning the time of year you visit Iceland. From stunning Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in the winter, to nearly endless daylight with green landscapes and waterfalls in the summer, photography, diving, trekking, and more, there is something for everyone. I did a solo road trip around Iceland a few years back, and I’ll share some of the highlights with you in an upcoming post.

Example of best fares from SFO for early 2017 found on Wow.screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-3-03-36-pm

If I were planning this vacation, I’d spend a week in a major European city, and then a week in Iceland. Here’s an example of a flight Spring 2017 that makes the most out of the flight stopover and a really cheap international plane ticket. $434 USD from San Francisco to Paris, then Paris to Reykjavik, then back to San Francisco. Just something to consider with the money Santa brings you this year. LOL.


Flight prices change often, so keep your eyes open for flight specials, and jump on special fares when they arise.

Have you been to Iceland? Did this post help you plan your next vacation? Share your comments below.

Just another a day in the life of a Fellow Nomad. -Elizabeth

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